Good design is clear thinking made visual. is a startup social media company that helps clients with 
their social media platform.


Let's Make Your Marketing So Useful People Would Pay For It. All of our business at has been by word of mouth referrals from our satisfied customers. Reputation is everything. We are appreciative of the feedback and rave reviews that we receive from our clients. That is why we make sure that we follow through on every lead and make sure that we provide ultimate customer care to our clients.

Products and Service offers a number of products and services from customized advertising specialty items for company events to web design and social media marketing campaigns.
Custom Built Websites
E-Commerce Websites
Email Marketing Campaigns
Editing Service and Content Maintenance

Market Analysis

Who is our target market? Our target market is customers who have not found their way into the social media madness. They are success businesses who already have the customer base, but they are looking to increase their overall bottom line. Or target market is entrepreneurs who have what it takes to be successful but aren’t as business savvy when it comes to their social media presence. The market for our service is growing as technology continues to develop.

Social Media Marketing

Piya Social Media is a full-service provider of social media marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our social media marketing experience spans all major social media networks and a variety of niche sites, including: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, SlideShare, YouTube and more.

Platform-Specific Tactics and Tools will utilize the most popular platforms to help you showcase your business and bring traffic to your website. We offer many affordable packages for your budget that you can choose from for daily, weekly or monthly interactions with your target audience.




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